Any applicant who wants to pursue his or her education anywhere abroad surely thinks about going to the USA (United States of America) at least once. This is because international students believe that an American education degree would attract best career options for them later in life. Most of the US schools, universities and colleges are constantly ranked in the top most positions in international rankings. The United States of America have more institutions of higher learning than any other country in the world. Importantly, the quality of most of the educational bodies in the USA is world-class.

Many of the American schools and universities offer prime study programs with highly qualified teaching staffs. The research works at many of these Universities are technically sound and often published in journals worldwide. Students who study in the US are exposed to an environment where they can update their knowledge about recent technological developments. Moreover, they get frequent opportunities to meet and even study with the leading scholars in their chosen field. The student-teacher relationship in the USA makes learning an enriching experience by encouraging individual students to have healthy interaction with the faculty.

Students studying in the USA will have many opportunities to join planned and informal activities to spend their leisure and study hours with other students. This will enhance their English language skills. They can learn more about US culture from their fellow students along with all the diverse cultures that are represented in US campuses by other foreign students. Ultimately, earning an educational degree from the USA may become the best possible opportunity for an overseas student.


What do we Provide?

Visa application for USA is basically an Interview based process. We, as an educational consultant provide counselling for students who have set their destination country as USA. We assist them with English language classes, interview preparation and documentation process. Students would be helped regarding ideas to score good results in the English language proficiency test, show an impressive interview and apply for further process.


Scores required to study in the USA

USA is one of the top countries for providing quality education. It is also mostly preferred destination country. Students need to appear for an English Language Test to get VISA and a standardized admission test like SAT or GRE. Below are the minimum scores required on the basis of respective test which is applicable for most of the Universities and Colleges in USA. The score criteria might be different for different Educational Institutions. So, checking with the institution that students are planning on applying would be better choice.


Test Minimum Score
IELTS 6.0 – 7.0
PTE 54-58
TOEFL 71 – 100
SAT 900 – 1300
GRE 290 – 310


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