Message from The CEO

Education is the indispensability of today’s era. In that too, quality education has become the subject of choice and desire of everyone. It is true that availability of quality education has been accessed in Nepal too. However, with embedded toughness most of the new generation have been dreaming of going abroad for their social security & better livelihood. Including quality education, employment and convenience policy, abroad study has become better choice to most of the students.

Just as people are attracted to any good thing, so in developed countries, along with study, earning opportunities, other post-study opportunities and the service facilities, environment, etc. that are available there have been attracting a new generation of foreigners. At the same time, young people go abroad with the hustle and bustle of returning back to mother land after acquiring new knowledge. The service provided by Education Matters is linked to these contexts.

Education Matters is an educational consulting company that works as a bridge with colleges/universities and for those students who want to go abroad for higher education. Therefore, our service flow is not only limited to counseling students but also it is collaborating with various universities and colleges around the world.

Being in the role of supply chain, Education Matters is also working as a responsible driver. That is, we carry out the necessary professional responsibilities as a mentor to develop plans and make dreams come true for students who come here with a dream or plan to go abroad for higher education studies. Our service focuses on various aspects related to proper counseling, enrollment and visa process and student’s convenience.

Primarily, we provide necessary counseling to the students adopting the analytical approaches.  Forth insight-based recommendation about better choice are highly considered. We ought to discuss about appropriate university and colleges, favored time and destiny, feasible environment, educational institution’s strengths, educational routines and earning opportunities, accommodation etc. matters as a dealt.

We are proud to say that so many students have been benefited from the services we have provided so far. Our affiliation with many universities and colleges in different countries of the world has also been giving us enthusiasm. We believe that all of this is possible due to the tireless work of our staffs as well as the trust of the concerned students, parents and the college or university.

It is our understanding that Education Matters have reached this stage due to the immense love of all the well-wishers and stake holders. We are hopeful that we will have the warmth of everyone here in the days to come. We expect both professionalism and intimacy in the relationship.