Every student needs to prepare certain documents in order to process VISA for abroad study. So, the documents to be prepared might differ from country to country. Countries like Australia and Canada are document based whereas USA is interview based. So, Australia and Canada require more documents as compared to the USA.

What are the Required types of Documents

We have listed most of the required documents below. But, the documents differ according to the criteria of targeted country or targeted educational institution. Note: Not all of the documents are required to only appear in English Language Tests.

  1. Passport Document
  2. Citizenship Document
  3. Academic Certificates (Class 10 to Current)
  4. Property Valuation Certificate
  5. Tax Clearance Certificate
  6. Verification of Annual Income
  7. Address Verification
  8. Relationship Certificate
  9. Experience Letter (In case of gap)
  10. Medical Report
  11. Police Clearance Certificate
  12. SOP (Statement of Purpose) (self-written)

How We Assist?

We have experts here who have more than a decade of experience in sending students abroad. Although, we cannot prepare every document for you, we are here to help you correct any mistakes that can occur in the documents. You, as a student willing to study abroad need to prepare every documents by your own. We as a mentor would check each and every details in those documents and address in case of any error found. This would increase the chance of your VISA being granted.